Finding the right person is tricky business. How do you know when love strikes? Even worse, how do you know when it's NOT love? She could be the most amazing woman, but could still fail to make your heart skip a beat. Bollywood would have us believe violins start playing out of nowhere when you fall in love. The wind will blow your hair away, time will stand still, and if it's a Shahrukh Khan film, it might even rain flowers.

So what does one do? Here are 12 sure-shot signs that are screaming to tell you she is not the one.

Part 1


It's Hard To Keep Conversation Going

If you guys can't keep talking for hours without getting bored, chances are slim you'll be able to manage a lifetime of conversation. Having common things to talk about is also important. There has to be a connect somewhere. Awkward silences, even after spending a considerable time together, are red flags.


You Find Yourself Thinking Of Other People Too Often

Now everyone does this at some point in their relationship, but if you are thinking of how life would be with other women, it probably means you've got a less than perfect relationship.


The Thought Of Settling Down Makes You Uncomfortable

you have been into the relationship for years, but you still become uneasy when she mentions settling down. Unless you are commitment-phobic, don't feel guilty about it.  The underlying truth could be that you don't feel for her strongly enough to spend a lifetime with her. Do both of you a favour, and get out of it as soon as you can. The longer you delay it, the harder it will be for her.


You Are Not Able To See The Best In Her

Her friends think she is the most amazing cook; her colleagues swear by her sense of humour; but you don't find any of those qualities that great. You are unable to see her as a wonderful wonderful person. No, you are not a jerk. You just don't love her.


You Are The One Initiating Contact Every Time

It doesn't matter who messages whom first, but if you are always the one initiating contact, making plans, it's a red flag right there.


Your Friends Don't Like Her

Your tastes in life might be different than your friends, but there's a reason they are your friends. And if they absolutely hate a girl you are dating, something is amiss.


You Get Bored If There Is Nothing To Do, Nothing To Say

If you can't spend time doing nothing with her, you can't spend a lifetime together. Life will have its boring moments; it'll never be all pubbing and lounging and picnicking.


You Don't Find Each Other Funny

Laughter is the ultimate test of a bond. If you can laugh at each other without hurting the other's feelings, you are meant to be together.


You Are Unable To Imagine A Future With Her

Now we all are prone to believe we'll end up with the person we are dating, and like to imagine our future with the person we are seeing. But if you are not able to see her as part of your future, there's a problem.


You Aren't Yourself With Her

If your friends complain you are not your usual self in her presence, listen to them. Be it suppressing that boisterous laugh of yours, or acting all uptight, if you have to be someone else to get her to like you, the future of the relationship is bleak.


The Sex Is Not Passionate

Now, every time doesn't have to be a mind-fucking boner, but if there is no passion involved, you might as well say goodbye to each other. Sex doesn't depend on technique as much as it does on chemistry and mutual liking between the partners.


Your Heart Doesn't Ache When You Drop Her Off At The Gate Of Her House

As mushy as it might sound, when you love someone's company truly, you hate parting with them at the end of a day spent well together.  You just can't wait to start a life together.


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